Copper Wok With Lid 28cm

Copper Wok With Lid 28cm

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  • Durable; Made from pressed aluminium for super-hardwearing strength and durability whilst also being lightweight for all users
  • Large capacity; The wok boasts a generous 28cm diameter
  • Stylish; Designed with a heat resistant ceramic coating
  • Suitable for all hobs; Including induction hobs
  • Non-stick; Cook without using oils and fats for healthier cooking

Cooks Professional Copper Wok

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable wok then you need this copper wok from Cooks Professional. Created from press aluminium, it has excellent strength and durability, the non-stick coating means it is easy to clean, making it a kitchen must-have.


The copper wok measures an impressive 28cm in diameter and is 8cm deep, making it perfect for large stir-fry dishes or cooking for the whole family. The wok has a stainless-steel handle, providing you with extra support when lifting it. It is also suitable for use on all hobs, including induction, so no need to spend a fortune on expensive induction hob equipment. With its non-stick technology, this wok is ideal for healthier cooking as you don’t need oils and fats to cook with, which also makes it easy to clean.

Stylish Design

This copper wok is not only practical and functional, but will also provide your kitchen with some style. Whether you hang it on a hook or display it on a shelf in a cupboard, it will look stylish and enhance the look of any kitchen. The wok has a two-layer copper ceramic coating on the inside and has heat-resistant copper-coloured paint on the outside.

This copper wok will provide you with strength, non-stick cooking and style all in one.

Also available to purchase is the copper wok with a glass lid.

Why not add to your collection and purchase the three-piece copper saucepan set or two-piece copper frying pan set.

Dimensions: 28cm diameter, 8cm deep

Also available to purchase is the silicone protective mat from Cooks Professional. It provides you with extreme hot or cold protection, offer help with opening jars and bottles, and provide a non-slip surface for many household items, it really is the perfect kitchen gadget.

G2711 – Copper wok with lid


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