Pest XT Rat Bait Station

Pest XT Rat Bait Station

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  • Required by law for baiting rats; Use with Pest XT bait block and whole grain bait
  • Reusable; Complete with a lock and key feature, removeable food tray and metal rod
  • Versatile; Can be used both indoors and outdoors for both rats and mice
  • Compact design; Durable construction that is tamper-resistant

Pest XT Rat Bait Station

The Pest XT Rat and Mouse Bait Station has been specifically designed to be used to bait both rats and mice. The compact design features a tamper-proof lid to help protect children and pets from coming into contact with the bait.

Thanks to the lock and key feature, the bait box it reusable, and can safely be used both indoors and outdoors. This trap can be used with bait block, bait pack or pasta bait and the bait station is required by law for baiting rats.

The bait station is easy to set up, simply place bait inside before locking and setting in place where rodents have been active. Includes a removable food tray to prevent spillage and allow easy and quick disposal of bait and also a large metal rod for securing the bait blocks.

Also available is Pest XT Bait Block and whole grain bait, to use in conjunction with this bait station.

Warning: keep away for children and animals. Always read the instructions before use.


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